Ed Greenberg’s Mystery Thriller Joins Believe Psychology Film Festival Lineup, The Events First ‘In-Person’ & Online Hybrid Event

The Renata Road, the new British independent mystery-thriller film is confirmed to debut at this year’s edition of the Believe Psychology Film Festival, marking the first ‘in-person’ event for the festival after the pandemic. The film will premiere at the Skiptown Playhouse in Los Angeles with the festival running from May 20th-22nd, 2022. Starring as ‘The Stranger’ is C.J. de Mooi, best known for his quizzing prowess on BBC Two’s Eggheads from 12 Yard Productions. The Renata Road is directed by Ed Greenberg in his feature debut under his Beyond the Bar Ltd production banner.

“I am incredibly happy to have The Renata Road premiering at the Believe Psychology Film Festival,” says producer/director Ed Greenberg, “It is a film born out of the idea for a piece that was not only entertainment but also as a picture which would challenge its audience, which would encourage and reward that deeper engagement. One of the joys of The Renata Road lies in the interpretation. Everything in the film has a purpose, everything has a meaning, and that is very much in keeping with the core values of the Believe Psychology Film Festival.”

The Renata Road is a very singular work, unique in it’d conception and execution.” adds Cannon Film Company Managing Director, Richard Albiston, “Ed Greenberg has always referred to the film as a “psychological enigma” so it is fantastic for his film to be chosen by the Believe Psychology Film Festival to be the premiere showcase for his feature debut.”

The Renata Road is a twisted psychological enigma about a mysterious stranger arriving at the nightmarish Renata Hotel, with no memory of his identity or purpose. He is plagued by insomnia, walking the deserted corridors and common rooms, under constant surveillance from the hotel’s staff. Gradually, as the reluctant stranger encounters the Renata’s few other guests, he discovers that they’re united with the family in a violent, sexual conspiracy, that has the hotel’s shy, young maid at its heart. Now he must fight the escalating madness of the hotel’s denizens to save the girl, and solve the mystery of the Renata, and with it, the secret of his own identity.

The film is A Cannon Film Company Presentation of a Beyond The Bar Ltd Production, A Film by Ed Greenberg, starring C.J. de Mooi, Rebekah Bowman, John Sharp, Ed Theakston and Sharon Sinclair. The screenplay is written by Alan Mockler, Greg Saxton and Chris Worthington and is produced and directed by Ed Greenberg.

More information on The Cannon Film Company; www.cannonfilmcompany.com
More information on the Believe Psychology Film Festival; www.believepsychologyfilmfest.com

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Ed Greenberg directs The Renata Road
Rebekah Bowman in The Renata Road
C.J. de Mooi in The Renata Road

The Renata Road, Ed Greenberg’s feature debut psychological thriller about a mysterious stranger checking into a remote hotel, has received an award for Best Feature Film at the Mindfield Film Festival in Albuquerque.

The film, which was produced by UK production house Beyond the Bar and stars a diverse British cast headlined by actor and television personality C.J. de Mooi, triumphed at the New Mexico Festival, winning the Diamond Award, the festival’s highest honour, in the Feature Film category on January 6th, 2022.

“It’s wonderful to see The Renata Road receive such a positive reception.” said director Greenberg, “Hopefully the first of many such accolades that will ensure the film reaches as wide an audience as possible. A testament to our incredible cast and crew.”

In The Renata Road, a mysterious stranger (de Mooi, television’s Eggheads), looking for peace, solitude and escape from the outside world, checks into the remote Renata hotel. Soon after, he is reluctantly drawn into the lives and activities of the hotel’s guests and it becomes abundantly clear that all is not as calm and serene as the hotel management would have him believe. A chance encounter with the hotel maid (Rebekah Bowman, Vengence (2016)) sets in motion a chain of events that will take the Stranger to the very edge of sanity and threatens to destroy the lives of everyone present.

The Renata Road is currently continuing its international film festival run and is eyeing a general release later in 2022.

About the Mindfield Film Festival: Mindfield Film Festival – Albuquerque is a film festival from the land of enchantment, it showcases features, shorts and music videos by filmmakers from around the world, celebrating and supporting independent, new and alternative filmmakers not just during our annual Film Festival but throughout the year with our bi-monthly online competitions. Mindfield aims to show the very best in new independent cinema and to give filmmakers a place to show their work to people who appreciate it.

About Beyond the Bar: Beyond The Bar is an independent film making group specialising in the production of Short & Feature Films. Based in the North West of England, our passion is to make films with originality and depth; films that have a strong narrative at their core; films that engage and inspire, tease and question; but above all, films that are both intelligent and entertaining.

For more information, visit www.cannonfilmcompany.com.

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Ed Greenberg directs The Renata Road
Rebekah Bowman in The Renata Road
C.J. de Mooi in The Renata Road

Newly named company announces new look for 2021 and gives brief look at new projects ‘Creature of Kissel County’ and the highly anticipated sequel, ‘Night Cries.’

The Cannon Film Company Limited, formally known as Cannon Films Ltd, a premier production house in the North West, today announced corporate actions approved by the Company’s shareholders during the global pandemic, to change the company legal trading name and corresponding public facing markers, to prepare the company for the reopening of business across the globe.

The corporate actions, filed on January 20, 2021 include:

– Name Change: Cannon Films Ltd has now become The Cannon Film Company Limited, stylised as ‘Cannon Film Co.’ to differentiate the company in a crowded marketplace, providing audiences with confidence of quality set apart from other production institutions;

– Mark Change: The Company’s mark has changed in accordance with the official name change. The new mark was designed for the Company by AGA Media, a UK based graphic design and media company. All official online accounts, including Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), now carry this new mark.

– Corporate Website & Investor Relations Information: The Cannon Film Company Limited, now maintains its corporate website at the new domain: www.cannonfilmcompany.com.

Along with the change of Company name, The Cannon Film Company also announce two new projects, THE CREATURE OF KISSEL COUNTY, a horror film set around the mysterious forest-dwelling creatures known as Bigfoot; and NIGHT CRIES, the long awaited, and much anticipated sequel to SOMETHING EVIL, SOMETHING DANGEROUS: NEW MOON RISING. More detailed information about upcoming projects will be announced in time for this years edition of The Cannes Film Festival.

The company joins the Expo for its again after a successful 2018 partnership.

Cannon Films Ltd is proud to join the team behind The Great Northern Creative Expo 2019 as a principal partner for a celebration of ‘Creativity in the Making’. Managing Director of Cannon Films Ltd, Richard Albiston also serves as Creative Producer for this year’s Expo.

The Great Northern Creative Expo has evolved from a commitment to promote and showcase the emerging creative talent across the North of England. The expo continues to introduce a variety of fresh talent including film, photography, media and journalism with performances, workshops, masterclasses, music, monologues, networking, animation and inspiration to one and all, attracting some of the world’s leading creative talents.

Previous years have seen Mr Albiston and the company becoming an integral part of the Expo management team, securing such high-profile guests such as John Glen, director of five James Bond films including Octopussy and Licence to Kill; Ovidio Assonitis, producer of Beyond the Door and Piranha II: The Spawning (the directorial debut of Avatar creator James Cameron); and Andrew David Barker, a rising star of the independent British filmmaking and publishing worlds. Mr Albiston also hosted the British premiere of the feature documentary, Golan: A Farewell to Mr Cinema directed by Christopher Sykes in 2017.

Cannon Films Ltd has overseen the formation of The Great Northern Creative Expo’s Official Selection this year, showcasing short films from more than 30 countries around the globe. Workshops and masterclasses are presented across the week for all areas of the creative spectrum providing valuable insight into the industry, with special guests including Carole Solazzo, a scriptwriter from The Archers; Janine Bebbington and David Chandler, creators of LuneTube – the online channel for North Lancashire; dance artist Bridget Fiske; Carl Hunter, director of Sometimes Always Never starring Bill Nighy; and Ra Page – editor of Comma Press.


A Medicine for the Mind (2019) – USA – dir: David Xarach; starring Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland, part of The Great Northern Creative Expo 2019’s Official Selection

Cannon Films Ltd will also host a filmmaking masterclass this year, Development to Distribution: Your Films Potential, in which executives Richard Albiston & Naomi Stromire will discuss Cannon Films Ltd’s upcoming development slate, including The Field and some films yet to be announced publically.

“The Official Selection is a particular highlight of this programme, it is a fabulous opportunity for the students to engage and demonstrate their talents to an international audience” says Richard Albiston, “It is an integral part of Cannon Films Ltd’s philosophy to support the next generation of creatives and both the University of Central Lancashire and The Great Northern Creative Expo share that philosophy.”

The Great Northern Creative Expo will run from Monday 18th November until Saturday 23rd November. You can get more information by visiting their website at https://www.tgnce.co.uk.


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Richard Albiston invites audiences to experience the original Something Evil, Something Dangerous short film, in select locations this June.

Cannon Films Ltd, in association with Barbary Shore Pictures, today announced that Something Evil, Something Dangerous will return to select UK theatres for an exclusive one-week engagement. In celebration of the film’s 10-year anniversary, audiences across the UK can experience Barbary Shore Pictures’ Something Evil, Something Dangerous beginning June 10th.

This marks the first time the film has been on the silver screen since its initial limited release in 2009.

“Something Evil, Something Dangerous really is for me the starting point as my journey as a filmmaker. The film was warmly received at the time of its release, and due to huge public and outside pressure, resulted in a direct sequel and a feature adaptation.,” said writer/director Richard Albiston. “I am excited that all three films can now be shown together for the first time on the big screen.”

“The films are really the foundation of what we are trying to achieve here at Cannon Films Ltd.,” said Naomi Stromire, Head of Creative Affairs at the company and executive producer of Something Evil, Something Dangerous: New Moon Rising. “It is a great opportunity for audiences to revisit these films and a new audience can discover them for the first time.”

Something Evil, Something Dangerous; Something Evil, Something Dangerous 2: The Beginning and Something Evil, Something Dangerous: New Moon Rising will return for a limited theatrical engagement across the United Kingdom beginning June 10th.

About Cannon Films Ltd
CANNON FILMS LTD is an independent film finance, development and production company launched in 2014.

The company was founded by Richard Albiston after working extensively with acclaimed producer and Academy Award® nominee Menahem Golan. The company’s mission is to package and produce high-quality and commercial feature films for worldwide sale.

Since its inception, Cannon Films Ltd has actively sought out exceptional creative talent to collaborate with unique and distinctive motion pictures, encompassing astonishing action sequences with riveting characters and bring them to the screen.

Cannon Films Ltd’s slate is moving forward with a diverse selection of projects from new and emerging talent.

For more information: http://www.cannonfilmsltd.com

About Barbary Shore Pictures
BARBARY SHORE PICTURES is a small distribution licensor. It exclusively licenses the libraries of Dream Peak Entertainment and ASPMedia as well as the independent films of Richard Albiston.

For full Press Release visit: https://www.prlog.org/12771541-something-evil-something-dangerous-returns-to-the-big-screen-for-10-year-anniversary-screenings.html

Cannon Films Ltd has today announced that Suzanne Howarth who acted as Vice-President and Head of Corporate Development has decided to step down from her role from Friday, March 1st. Ms Howarth joined Cannon Films Ltd in June 2015, shortly after the company was formed. She will leave the company at the end of this week due to ill health.

Cannon Films Ltd President Richard Albiston said: “Suzanne has been a close friend, colleague and creative collaborator for over a decade, when I founded the company I knew that Suzanne would be a major driving force in setting up an establishment with a slate of projects that we could be proud of and she did exactly that.”

Despite stepping down from her directorship position, Ms Howarth will remain a creative force inside Cannon Films Ltd as a project adviser and co-producer.

Cannon Films Ltd President Richard Albiston adds: “I am happy that we are able to accommodate Suzanne with her illness and I look forward to another decade of collaborations together.”

Mr Albiston and Ms Howarth previously collaborated on the Something Evil, Something Dangerous franchise, most notably on Something Evil, Something Dangerous 2: The Beginning from a script written by Ms Howarth. Outside of Cannon Films Ltd, Ms Howath had previously founded her own video production company, where she created music videos and live performances for bands such as Spiderbaby and Blind Ambition. She briefly moved into band management and representation where her clients included End of Trust. After shaping her business into a great financial success, she joined Cannon Films Ltd as an executive in 2015. She also owns Para-Pets UK, which she founded in 2016.

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Richard Albiston & Cannon Films Ltd board The Great Northern Creative Expo as a supporting partner for their 2018 edition.

Cannon Films Ltd is proud to be officially supporting the 2018 edition of The Great Northern Creative Expo, sponsored by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

The Great Northern Creative Expo, which aims to showcase creative talent in media, film, photography, journalism and performance at the University. The event began as a platform to promote top quality student work and now attracts well-known national and international names, allowing the local community, students and staff to come together and enjoy a wide variety of events.

In previous years, Richard Albiston & Cannon Films Ltd have been instrumental in securing top names from the film-making community to attend; including John Glen, director of For Your Eyes Only, Licence to Kill, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery and more, Ovidio Assonitis, producer of The Visitor, Beyond the Door and Piranha Part II: The Spawning (the latter of which was directed by James Cameron) and the 2017 British premiere of Golan: A Farewell to Mr Cinema, directed by Christopher Sykes.

Key speakers at this year’s event include; internationally renowned choreographer Rita Jaroslow, attending UCLan for a dance workshop as part of the 190 celebrations; Adrian Mills, General Manager of BBC North, who is attending to conduct a guest lecture; Rita Osei, an award-winning filmmaker, attending to screen her 2016 film Bliss!; Mark Strange, filmmaker and stuntman, currently touring with his new film Redcon-1, coming to lecture on his experiences on that film and others; Andrew David Barker, British filmmaker and author, attending to showcase his new films and discuss his writing; and Jan Harlan, who produced Eyes Wide Shut, Full Metal Jacket and many for director Stanley Kubrick.

“We are proud to support the Great Northern Creative Expo as it is a fantastic opportunity for the next generation of filmmakers, musician, photographers and media professionals to showcase their work to a broad & international audience and interact with industry professionals with first-hand knowledge of the challenges they will face when following their dreams in their chosen creative industries” says Cannon Films Ltd President Richard Albiston, “It is an integral part of Cannon Films Ltd’s philosophy to support the next generation of creatives and both the University of Central Lancashire and The Great Northern Creative Expo share that philosophy.”

The Great Northern Creative Expo will run from Monday 12th November until Saturday 17th November. You can get more information by visiting their website at http://www.thegreatnortherncreativeexpo.co.uk.

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The long gestated horror movie moves to Cannon Films Ltd for development

Today, Cannon Films Ltd announces its acquisition of horror movie concept, The Field from Dream Peak Entertainment.

The film was originally announced as a 3D feature in 2010, with writers Philip Steppling and Iain Burgess attached, but progress stalled and the project was officially cancelled in 2015. Cannon Films Ltd executives Richard Albiston and Suzanne Howarth have both previously been attached to the project as executive producers prior to its cancellation.

The film centres on a married couple who meet with danger after breaking down on a remote highway; however, the screenplays by Steppling and Burgess have not been included in Cannon Films Ltd’s acquisition of the property. No new screenwriter has yet been attached to the project.

“We’re extremely excited about this project and are eager to finally get it underway,” says James Lattimore, “The Field has the potential to be a standout addition to this classic genre.”

James Lattimore and Naomi Stromire will oversee the project at Cannon Films Ltd. The film will be made in conjunction with Barbary Shore Pictures.

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Cannon Films Ltd Announces Hiring of Screenwriter for The Leopard Hunts at Midnight Film Project

Cannon Films Ltd announces the hiring of screenwriter Naomi Stromire for its new motion picture project, The Leopard Hunts at Midnight, based on an original screen story by Richard Albiston. Cannon Films Ltd staple writer, J.J Parker had previously been attached to the project. The story is a jungle adventure-thriller profiling two men’s struggle for survival against the elements of in the inhospitable Congo jungle after a plane crash.
Official Synopsis: After their light airplane crashes, two survivors are stranded alone, the crumpled wreckage lying precariously on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains in the Congo. They work together to descend the jagged slopes into the rainforest below. But with the harsh sun, the dangerous wildlife and their limited supplies dwindling; the ever-resourceful pair soon find themselves staring mortality in the face, in the form of a rogue black leopard, which stalks them through the trees with unrelenting stealth and savagery.
“Everyone at Cannon Films Ltd are very pleased to have Naomi taking on this special project” says Cannon Films Ltd Managing Director, Richard Albiston, “The Leopard Hunts at Midnight is a picture that has been in gestation since 2013, attracting attention from various producers and writers, but we never got the balance of the screenplay quite right. But with Naomi on board and the project finding a permanent developmental home with us at Cannon Films Ltd, I’m confident the film’s potential will be realised and we’ll have a really special and unique motion picture on our hands.”
The Leopard Hunts at Midnight is currently in development at Cannon Films Ltd with producers Suzanne Howarth and James Lattimore with Richard Albiston acting in an executive producer capacity along with development executive Alan Calder. Stromire and Albiston previously collaborated on the 2011 horror film, Something Evil, Something Dangerous: New Moon Rising. The film marks Stromire’s debut as a screenwriter.
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