Thinking of investing? Why not invest in the movies!

Investing in motion pictures is one of the best investments you can make. Now with the explosion of Subscription Streamers changing the way people access their films, distribution is now easier than ever before and can continue to generate a profit for a lifetime!

The United Kingdom has a great heritage of filmmaking and talent, ever since the world’s first moving picture was shot in Leeds in 1888. Today, many independent British companies offer film investment opportunities, allowing them and their product to remain truly independent.

Utilising smaller budgets than their major studio counterparts, investment in independent film offers the potential for more profits with substantially less risk. With more and more opportunities for home media viewing, films do not need an expensive box office run for the investor to recoup the original investment.

Risks of Investment

An investment is never a ‘sure thing’ and investing in motion pictures is no different, with every project there is always an element of risk and it is very important that you do not invest what you cannot afford to lose. While it is not possible to guarantee the commercial success of any film project, we want the best for our investors and so we only pursue the project which have the greatest chance of success in the market place.

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