The experience of making a motion picture should be fun, exciting and rewarding for all involved, including our investors

With the rise of crowdfunding sites, your choices to invest in visual arts projects such as films, multi-episode entertainment, video games, podcasts etc, have never been greater, however, the risk of loss has also increased.

Crowdfunding allows smaller projects a greater chance to reach their goal of financing however some investors find themselves on the receiving end of bad communication, failure to fulfil their perk commitments and a general lack of appreciation of your contribution in making their project a reality.

A good proportion of films funded through crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo never even finish principal photography; a waste of time, money and energy on everyone’s part.

Utilising smaller budgets than their major studio counterparts, investment in independent film offers the potential for more profits with substantially less risk. With more and more opportunities for home media viewing, films do not need an expensive box office run for the investor to recoup the original investment.

We do not work this way. The Cannon Film Company prides itself on delivering an unrivalled investor experience, together producing an exciting and entertaining film.

Our investors are invited to be involved as much or as little as they desire, with advanced looks into pre-production efforts including designs and storyboards; production with on-set visits and the opportunity to appear in the film itself; and post-production with invitations to advance private screenings, film festival visits and red carpet visits to premieres; and much more with a unique investor experience tailored specifically to you.

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